Brands & Products

We have a huge range of brands and products available in our showrooms. As well as individual items, we have a huge variety of selection boxes, multishot barrages, rocket packs, display packs, single ignition units and much, much more. All major brands and types of fireworks are available.

Brand LogoDescriptionVideoclip
Bad Boy fireworks logo

Bad Boy Fireworks

Bad Boy Fireworks is part of the Diamond Fireworks group with a range of products designed for larger and louder displays.

black cat fireworks logo

Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks is a subsidiary of a Chinese trading company. The brand was introduced into the US in the 1940s and acquired the Bristish Standard Fireworks in 1998. The name derives from the fact that, in China, black cats are a symbols of good luck and fortune.

black cat fireworks logo

Bright Star Fireworks

Bright Star have been trading for 20 years now. They have a major workshop/storage facility in North Yorkshire where they produce a wide variety of fireworks.

Bulldog fireworks logo

Bulldog Fireworks

Bulldog Fireworks have over fifteen years experience supplying fireworks to the U.K. wholesale market.

cosmic fireworks logo

Cosmic Fireworks

Cosmic are a well-established company with a good reputation. They produce two particular brands - Cosmic and Astra - which encompass a range of exciting fireworks.

dancing red devil fireworks logo

Dancing Red Devil Fireworks

Dancing Red Devil Fireworks is a Cheshire-based supplier, with a great range of products for wholesalers and retailers.

Diamond fireworks logo

Diamond Fireworks

Diamond Fireworks have been supplying firworks in the U.K. for over twenty years, with a range of products ideal for family and garden displays.

ESCO fireworks logo

ESCO Fireworks

ESCO Fireworks is part of the Bright Star Fireworks group with a great range of products and effects.

Firestar fireworks logo

Firestar Fireworks

Firestar Fireworks is part of the Nightstar Fireworks group.

fireworks international logo

Fireworks International

Fireworks International have developed from a small retail shop to one of the largest operations in the UK, which also provides safety training and public display fireworks for large events.

Men Shun fireworks logo

Men Shun Fireworks

Men Shun Fireworks have a great range of products that are ideal for any garden or family display.

Nightstar fireworks logo

Nightstar Fireworks

Nightstar Fireworks supply a great range of fireworks all over the U.K.

Panda fireworks logo

Panda Fireworks

Panda Fireworks is based in the Midlands and have been supplying fireworks to the U.K. market for a number of years now.

standard fireworks logo

Standard Fireworks

Standard Fireworks was formed in 1891, and in 1910 moved to the Crosland site to meet expansion needs. In 1998 the company was bought by Black Cat Fireworks, a Chinese company that now uses the Standard offices as its UK headquarters. Standard Fireworks is one of several brand names sold by Black Cat Fireworks in the UK.

TNT fireworks logo

TNT Fireworks

TNT is one of the biggest fireworks suppliers in the U.S. Recently, they have been developing their presence in the U.K. with some spectacular products.